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More About Who I am

Volunteerism and supporting multicultural matters are near to my heart.

I have incorporated volunteerism throughout my life in areas including homeless clinics/shelters, performing school physicals in underserved communities, and being an extern with the United States Public Health service.

I believe in our obligation to “repair the world.” In that vein, I have volunteered as a physician in Honduras, in Israel, at a clinic for victims of Chernobyl, at a Bedouin clinic and at a border clinic with Tijuana, Mexico.

I have been fortunate to be able to combine my ideal of volunteerism with my moral obligation of “repairing the world,” by volunteering with HealthRight International. In that sphere, I evaluate victims of torture and persecution from other countries. I then act as an expert witness to help them gain asylum in the United States. I have had the privilege of training other physicians to serve in that role as well.

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My family is the most important aspect of my life. I'm married and have 3 amazing kids. We love to go hiking, biking, and spend time outside enjoying beautiful Colorado. My family also consists of our three rescue dogs, our one rescue cat, a hedgehog, and the most recent addition a backyard chicken coop with 4 beautiful hens.

This is truly a Family Practice.  My daughters often help answer phones and my husband takes care of patient billing. 

*Notice the nice wrapping job I did for 2 of my kids in the photo who managed to get injured on this family excursion...

My Family


This is probably the most important question to consider of any physician you choose to partner with you.

Of course academics are important: I was graduated from Wellesley College in 1989 with the honor of cum laude. I went back home to Ohio to attend medical school at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine where I received my Medical Degree. I then moved to Chicago and completed my residency in family medicine at the West Suburban Family Practice Residency Program. I have been a physician for over 20 years. I have maintained my Board certification in Family Medicine. I have maintained an active medical license in Colorado.

Additionally, I spent five years evaluating physicians of all specialties from around the country for knowledge and judgment issues with the Center for Personalized Education for Physicians (CPEP). I was part of a team who would help assure that physicians are providing appropriate quality of care.

While academic rigor, degrees, certifications and experience are important, equally important is that you feel comfortable with our practice, our space, our staff and me.

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