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Office Address
13111 E. Briarwood Ave. Suite 360
Centennial, CO 80112
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Main Phone - 720-556-2001 
Fax - 720-489-3731
Billing Questions - 303-791-1987
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-5:00

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Deborah  S. Presken, M.D. 

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Why am I a Physician?

I am a physician because I have dedicated my life to ensuring that people are treated humanely, compassionately and intelligently (with some humor thrown in…). My journey began at Wellesley College where I helped found a suicide prevention hotline and fight against apartheid and anti-Semitism. I had intended to “solve” the Middle East Crisis single handedly.

My path significantly changed when I learned that my closest friend was diagnosed with lymphoma and subsequently succumbed to the disease. It was during that experience that I realized I needed to be a physician who would treat patients, their family and friends with the dignity and respect they deserve. Experiencing my friend’s death instilled in me the passion to gain the knowledge I need to prevent disease and minimize the harms of disease.

And so…the Middle East Crisis persists, but hopefully fewer people have suffered from disease…

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